Korczak Ziolkowski
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Korczak Ziolkowski, the sculptor of Crazy Horse Memorial.

"Ziólkowski, a Polish American, was born almost exactly 31 years after the death of Crazy Horse ,
on September 6, 1908, to Polish parents in Boston. Orphaned at the age of one..." - Wikipedia  | (po polsku)

"Korczak had never heard of Crazy Horse and knew little about the Sioux or any other Indians.
He became intrigued and had learned enough about the ordeal of the Indians - betrayed, cheated,
dispossessed, massacred and despised - and about Crazy Horse to instill in him a lifelong cause. He was
almost40 years old when the sculpting of Crazy Horse began in 1948.  “What an honor for a Polish orphan from
Boston that the  Indian chiefs asked him to tell the story of their people in stone. What a great honor!  Only in America
can a person carve a mountain” – Korczak repeated those words many times." - Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm,
“Open Wound of America”

Crazy Horse, South Dakota - 1941 mil from Boston, Massachusetts

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota 2004

"On June 3, 1948, the first blast was made,
and the memorial was dedicated to the Native American people."


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Korczak Ziolkowski sculpts - VIDEO (YouTube)
Cas Ziolkowski on MSNBC - 2008 (video)

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